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Safety part 2

Im careful about my words. I think you can learn a lot by just listening to people speak, specifically HOW they speak. Word choice. Intonation. You know, like listening to which words people have to look around and lower their voice in order to say. Or this word "safety." So much this preoccupation of "safety" I hear echoed here in Winston. It just doesn't mean what we are trying to pretend it means, does it? My child attends a notoriously "safe" preschool. What does that mean? Exactly how is it so safe? They aren't holding class in the middle of Business 40 while juggling knives and swords that are on fire? YES It is lovely, and all the doors lock and you gotta get buzzed in and Oh yeah, its super duper whitey white. It is where we are now, and I am thankful for it because its wonderful but I feel the tension of the lack of diversity constantly. There is a public school in a very wealthy neighborhood somewhat near us and its called Whit